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Welcome to the World Without Me! Within these pages are hope & endless possibilities. Allow yourself to be open to new feelings, new thoughts, and change. Through this journey I have traveled of reaching out to hear, see and connect with others and allowing them to connect with me, I have grown. I have learned a great deal about life, myself, others, the world, & how profound a single act of kindness can be as well as a single act of unkindness. I encourage you to let down your defenses and open up your heart to those who believe that the world would not care if they never existed. Let their stories into your heart and change your perspective. If you think that you have nothing in common with the people behind these stories, you may find in the end that you are more alike than you are different.


The answer is simple. “I see.” I see people through all of their external factors and see them for who they truly are and all their beauty. People who are without are rarely “seen” in such a manner. They are more than often ridiculed for who others THINK they are.

Failure to go beyond what your eyes can see is a failure for all humanity. I encourage you to close your eyes and begin to see

Sherrie A. Kleinholz