About the Author

“About me” seems unimportant. However, when I contemplate about what I try to teach others in regards to their importance to this world, then I guess I am an important aspect in this grand intricate cell.  Yet, I do not want to bombard you with my perspective of who I see myself to be because that is narrow, slightly demented on some level, and only part of my life story. Therefore, I am going to share my own perspective as well as others perspective of who they see me to be. I will not edit their responses and you will get the whole picture of the good, the bad, and the ugly because like you, I come as a whole package.

My own perspective:

I am a plethora of experiences all wound up into one living breathing life. These experiences along with genetics have created who I am today. My beliefs are simple, I believe that we all have two wolves that live inside of us that consist of good and evil and whichever one we feed is the one that will live. There are times in my life when I feed the good but there are also times that I feed the evil. I try to starve the evil but then I feel guilty because starving an animal is just cruel ( yes, a little bit of humor never hurt and even I have one) therefore, I keep a balance. Balance is important to me because without darkness we wouldn’t understand light, without evil we wouldn’t understand good. This knowledge opens up new paths…balance….you cannot possibly understand or appreciate one without the other!

What I really want you to know is that you are loved….yes, the person reading this, you are loved and if you ever doubted that you were loved then those doubts are unfounded. I know this because I love you. Truly love you. You are beautiful and I don’t even have to know your name to know this is true. Many would say that is insane to make such a statement. That is because their definition of love is likely different from my definition of love. Love has many facets to many people and the meaning behind the word “love” gets lost in translation. To me love is seeing true beauty despite the beast and appreciating that beauty while weaking the beast.

Other’s Perspective unedited:

Jason Kleinholz “Sherrie has a wonderful caring personality; kindhearted towards all, no matter their circumstances. Smart as  a whip on details of the mind & heart; has a way to complete a soulful connection with all who offers to let her in.”

Ed Robirds “Since we were very young, I’ve known Sherrie to live by the vision that everyone should be treated equally, and with respect. She’s always stood up for those who were less fortunate, and has always been a hero to many. I am proud of who she has become (and is becoming), and in knowing that there is someone out there of her caliber that lives each day guided by her values. As someone who is in love with humanity and the human spirit, she is always one to fight for those who may not have the strength or courage to fight for themselves. Sherrie is someone who has always been able to inspire and encourage others to bring out the best in themselves. She has compassion and love for all, and encourages the world around her to find love within their own lives. She spends a great deal of time and effort for the good of others, and in learning more about the strengths and weaknesses of those around her in order to understand how to better assist those in need. She had such a huge impact on my life as we were growing up, and inspires me still!”

Patricia Vetter “I see you as someone who is always there for other people! And someone who is very loving and caring and perhaps a little crazy.”

Annonymous “Sherrie exemplifies the phrase ‘diamond in the rough’.  Through darkened lenses she sees the light of the world around her, and allows those that need warmth to take all they want or need.  She roams the streets like a superhero, waiting to see a plea for help in the lonely eyes of a stranger.  I have know Sherrie only a couple of years, but feel like she has had an impact on me in a very profound way.  Like the people in her stories, she has shown me unconditional acceptance and love.  If we could all share ourselves the way she does, she would not have to filter like charcoal all the filth that sifts through human interaction.  She cleans the minds of others without regard to the permanent soil left behind by their misgivings. We should give her a hand, in both applause and assistance.”

Shelly Nicoloff Hissett “Sherrie Kleinholz…enigma, woman of often-unattainable levels compassion and empathy, spiritual woman with the gift of comfort and humanity, one of the most beautiful, elevated souls I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing…lover of humankind, a gift to the world…the closest thing to God I may ever be until I die. you are one of the most unique, selfless, kind-hearted, generous and genuine people i have ever met!”
Michael J Heekin “In a word, you’re special. In another word, you’re different. Combine them, you’re beautiful. What makes you special is your strength. You’ve faced circumstances beyond what would break an average person, and instead of letting yourself to succumb to self-pity, anger and hatred, you’ve turned it all into a purpose; to help heal others in this world. As if that wasn’t enough, you show more love, compassion and concern for complete strangers than most people would show to their own blood. Maybe that’s why your fondest wish and desire eludes you? Maybe fate determining that if your wish came true, it would take part of that nature away from you that makes you so much to so many? It’s a theory I have. I have lots of those. When some people talk about being strong or leaning on someone, they say they’re a rock. I don’t liken you to a rock at all. I think of you as coal. Coal can be scraped, dinged, and pieces chipped off, but put enough pressure on it and it becomes a diamond. Rocks don’t give any ground. They take until they reach a certain point, then they break apart into pebbles and dust. No rock ever became anything greater than a rock. You’ve become something far greater than what you came from, and that strength is an inspiration to those that know anything about you.
You’re different, in that you can look at the world in a way that’s so unique it almost boggles me. I’ve said it repeatedly; sometimes I wish I could see the world through your eyes, other times I’m glad I can’t. The way you can see love and beauty where others only see scars and deformity takes a heart and soul so special that the average person couldn’t even start to comprehend it. You see hope where others see loss. You see love where others see hate. You celebrate the beauty of a sunset while the world mourns the loss of another day. In my heart, I believe people are inherently good, but also inherently selfish. Most people will live as good people and make good decisions for others, as long as they have some level of gain from it. I know people that do a LOT of charity work, and I’m not negating the good they accomplish, but they do it because it makes them either a) look good or b) feel good. As soon as there would be a true sacrifice involved, most people would turn the other way before helping someone. You’re different though. You help people at a great personal expense, taking pain for yourself to give others comfort. That is true charity. That’s the difference between being a good person, and being an amazing person. That’s what separates you from the rest.
You’re beautiful. Your empathy is a combination of all of your other traits. You don’t just listen to someone tell you about their day, but you put yourself into their mind and feel their pain with them, share in their happiness. You put yourself onto the rollercoaster of someone elses feelings and ride it out with them, sharing every tear, every smile, every emotion as if they were your own. It makes you a soul that shines like a light, giving hope to those that live in the dark. Your light is a beacon to them to show that they aren’t alone, that even when you aren’t with them in body, you’re with them in spirit. That light, that glow that surrounds your very essence even when you struggle to get through your own day, makes you beautiful. Even when you’re in your own darkness, you still shine for others. It’s a beauty that can’t be argued with, it can’t be accurately described, and it’s something that the world needs more of.
Sherrie, I believe that you’re a gift to the world, but a gift it doesn’t deserve. The world is an ugly place. As much as meeting you gives me more hope than I used to have for the world, knowing the world that you know reminds me that everything has a price, and sometimes it’s the best people that end up paying it. Despite all of that I just said, your light still shines. You are love, and I believe I’m blessed to have met you, and I’m honored to be called your friend.”

With love