About the Book

The World Without Me is a compilation of stories told by those who live them everyday…..those without. Without what? Without a roof to cover them from the cold, the heat, the rain, the storms. Without a kitchen pantry of food readily available to fill their achying hungry bellies. Without a shower to cleanse the dirt from their tortured bodies. Without a closet full of clothes or a washer to clean them in. Without a cozy bed to rest their weary head. Without pride to help them hold their heads up high. Without laughter to remind them that life is good. Without positive self-esteem to know that they have worth and most heartbreakingly, without someone to love or to be loved by.

They have plenty of “with’s” as well. With pain in their joints, &  limbs from sleeping on the ground and/or old injuries and no medical treatment. With spirits filled with doubt, hurt, sadness, and very little hope. With a mouth filled with painful cavities because there is no such thing as “calling your dentist”. With ridicule sprayed onto them by others who drive by and spit at them. With feelings of depletion, exhaustion, and despair. Yes, they have “With’s”

I hope that you will also see that those without are filled “with” more courage, strong will, wisdom, and love that they are waiting to share.

Imagine this; you awake one morning from the current life you have been living and find yourself lying on the ground in a park. You look around and feel you must be dreaming because everything was ok yesterday. However, today your hair is unkempt, your mouth taste like dirt, your clothes are dirty and torn, and the odor you are giving off leaves a lot to be desired. You look around for a shower to bathe, a sink to wash up in, or a least a cup of coffee to awake you from this nightmare, but none of these things exist in this dream. You look around to see a few others just like you, but you know not who they are really, although you may have seen them scattered here and there a few times before. You decide you’re hungry but see no food, your thirsty but there is no quinch. You’re confused, scared, & angry  but there is no one to vent to about it. You think to yourself that you will drum up enough nerve to talk to one of those people that you have seen scattered around but they look just as confused, scared & angry as you.  You desperately try to awake from this dream and get back to your husband or wife lying next to you in your bed and your kids asleep down the hall….but you cannot awake because this is not a dream, you cannot awake because this is your life and now you must go live it.